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Offering movement exploration... 

Classic and modern Pilates, CoreAlign and manual therapies, personalized to your training needs in a private lakeside studio.  Why go to a noisy crowded gym or studio when you can learn Pilates in a private spa like setting.  Every session is tailored to your needs utilizing manual therapy techniques, as necessary, to get the correct movement patterns.

What is Pilates?.. 

Pilates is a full-body system of specific sequenced exercises performed on the mat and on specially designed equipment.  The method is centered around the concepts of awareness, balance, breath, centering, concentration, control, flowing movement and precision.  The principle of Pilates is to uniformly develop the body and mind.  The Pilates method is best taught by a comprehensively trained instructor.  Pilates was originally designed to be taught one on one.

What is the CoreAlign?

CoreAlign was developed by an Israeli physical therapist for injury rehabilitation.  Clients also loved it as a workout approach.  The CoreAlign is fantastic for correcting balance and gait and it is an optimal core training approach and a great adjunct to Pilates.

How do I know if Pilates or C/A is for me?...

The gentle yet challenging movements that Pilates and CoreAlign offers is great for everyone.  The exercises are excellent for those rehabilitating from injury or those experiencing chronic pain.  The  movements are challenging enough for the athletic competitor and anyone needing movement challenges.


Why invest in personal training versus a video?...

Accountability, results, motivation, life application and injury prevention.  What make Pilates work so well is the precision of movement patterns and alignment.  This precision of movement is almost impossible to achieve from a video or group class. 


My kinesiology training enables me to make sure clients are using the correct muscles for each movement pattern.  I have PMA-CPT (Pilates Method Alliance Certified Personal Trainer) credentialing and Washington massage licensure. MA60132961

All Pilates sessions include manual therapy techniques, as necessary, to create optimal non compensated movement patterns.  With a masters level of Pilates and Manual Therapy training - 18 years of teaching experience - my clients receive the best experience available.  Results happen.  

About Manual Therapies Offered


What is L.I.F.T?…

LIFT - Ligament Influenced Fascial Technique - is an innovative and new manual therapy.  LIFT uses a light stimulation of the ligament system to reset fascial and muscular function.  Research studies have revealed that the ligaments are a significant source of muscular pain. The technique is very light, immediately effective and requires client participation. LIFT reboots the myofascial system and helps the body reset movement patterning and function. 

LIFT uses a specific series of testing protocols to determine fascial range of motion and neuromuscular function.  Does the muscle have the ability to contract under command?  Testing reveals where the source of pain and disfunction is so that treatment is more pinpointed and effective.  As Ida Rolf would say, "Where you think it is, it ain't!"


What is BowenWork?…

Bowen is a very gentle form of natural healing and is excellent for those in extreme pain. Bowen is best known to relax and calm the nervous system.  Clients often remark how well they sleep after a session.  A unique feature of Bowen are the brief pauses between each series of “moves”.  The pauses are given to allow the body time to respond and integrate what is being done.  Bowen is a great antidote to stress.


What is Somatic Movement?...

Somatic movement was developed in 1970 by Thomas Hanna and is designed to help people find body awareness in movement patterning.  The exercises are performed with focused consciousness and intention.  Once learned, they can be practiced anywhere for continued therapeutic effect.  

Will I have to undress?...  All manual therapy sessions are done fully clothed making it easy to combine movement within the same session.

Will I need to do homework?…

If you want your results to last, yes!!!  Awareness and trying to change old postural habits are necessary.  Look at it this way...  Our bodies are like a beautiful garden.  We need to constantly prune, weed and change to create the best movement patterning for each of us.

Another closing thought...

"Old age is a result of not moving.  You don't get old and stop moving; you stop moving and get old." Thomas Myers

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