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About Pilates and CoreAlign Training...

All Pilates training is taught either privately - one on one or as duets (one instructor and two clients). Group classes are not taught at Body Shoppe Therapies.


Why not just do a gym group class?...


Accountability:  Personal training will help you to commit to and become to accountable to yourself and your goals.

Results:  An instructor makes sure the movement patterns and alignments are correct.  Precision in movement produces quick results without injury. This is what makes Pilates so effective! Pilates done incorrectly is not effective and may cause injury.

Motivation:  Having a professional by your side encourages you to give your workout everything you have even when you feel like being a couch potato.

Application:  You will learn how to apply your new movement skills and principles to everyday life; making every activity from skiing to gardening easier.

Injury Prevention:  Not crossing that fine line of overdoing it, yet, working hard and efficiently enough to produce the positive changes without injury.

Correctness In Movement Patterns:  It is the difference in getting non-functioning muscles to work correctly for good pain free movement.  The nervous system will always chose the "path of least resistance" which is not always the best way to move.  A video will not tell you if you are moving with compensation patterns and a video will not prevent you from hurting yourself.

Instructor expertise:  Unfortunately, Pilates does not have a licensure requirement in the state of Washington.  Be sure to locate an instructor that is fully trained and PMA - NCPT certified in order to avoid injury.

More about manual therapy

The LIFT Method, BowenWork and fascial stretching treatments are  evolutionary bodywork / manual therapy modalities that treat the fascial, nervous, and muscular systems to restore complete function.  

What is treatment like?...

Treatment involves muscle function testing and / or Myofascial Length Testing to determine where dysfunction is within the body.  By testing, I can get to the heart of the pain or movement problem and facilitate immediate changes.  With gentle manipulation of the ligaments, muscle tissue and lymph hypertonicity and pain resolves quickly.  Pilates and CoreAlign seal in the newly established movement patterns.

Why does this help?...

When a group of muscles or a fascial line of muscles are restricted and do not function correctly while attempting to perform an exercise or movement pattern, the body compensates - uses other musculature - to achieve what the body "thinks" is the correct movement pattern.  As a Pilates educator, my "eye" is well trained to see those compensation patterns.


Cueing via touch and words do not always produce the wanted results.  Utilizing The LIFT Method during the Pilates session makes the nervous, muscular and fascial change quickly and painlessly. Clients see immediate results.  Movement patterns and Pilates or CoreAlign exercises become obtainable!  The Pilates method, new awareness and home practice, preserves those changes within the nervous, muscular and fascial systems. The client takes the new learned awareness and practices those changes in daily habits. 

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