Providing immediate and lasting solutions for chronic pain while returning structural balance to each and every person according to their own intrinsic design.

Let me introduce myself... 


My name is JoAnn Kovaly and my passion is to help everyday people overcome pain and discomfort by combining specialized (not painful) manual therapy techniques and Pilates movement patterning. 


I have been instructing Pilates since 1999 and am fully certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.   NCPT #10082.   I have a Washington state MBLEX license in massage and bodywork therapy.  Lic. # MA60132961. 


I firmly believe that you can not get well by staying in the environment that made you ill in the first place.  Together, via movement and manual therapy, we explore how to correct aberrant movement patterns and lifestyle habits that create a pain free life! 


I only accept clients that are willing to commit to working hard and making the habit changes necessary for a pain free life.

If you are ready for a change in how you feel and work hard, I would love to work with you.


Body Shoppe Therapies,  LLC   

21014 SE 268th Court, Covington   WA   98042


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