Now Offering CHABA with Massage & Manual Therapy

So...  what is CHABA and how can it benefit me?  CHABA stands for Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids and is completely legal for use in massage and manual therapy in the state of Washington.  Even though cannabis has been legalized for personal and / or medical use in several states, Washington is the only state offering CHABA for use by LMT's to help with their client's pain.  


CHABA has exact guidelines for amounts of CBD and THC that offer immediate pain relief to the areas applied.  CHABA is less than 0.3% THC.  This amount provides therapeutic benefits but is non-intoxicating.  CHABA was pulled out of the Washington Controlled Substance Act in 2015.  While great for all chronic and acute pain relief, CHABA, also, helps with inflammation.  CHABA does not cross the blood brain barrier and is completely safe for continued use.  Clients respond with how amazed they are that when applied, their pain is gone within seconds.  Clients have reported that CHABA has aided them in depression, helped them to focus better, has helped with PTSD and given them a greater sense of well being. 


CHABA products are available for purchase by Washington state residents and can be delivered within the state of Washington.   Woohoo!  I want some!

Washington State Law:


1)  Cannabis health and beauty aids are not subject to the regulations and penalties of this chapter that apply to marijuana, marijuana concentrates, or marijuana infused products.

2)  For purposes of this section, "cannabis health and beauty aid" means a product containing parts of the cannabis plant and which:

        a)     Is intended for use only as a topical application for therapeutic benefit or to enhance 


        b)     Contains a THC concentration of not more than 0.3%;

        *c)    Does not cross the blood-brain barrier, and*

        d)     Is not intended for ingestion by humans or animals.

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